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Version Information

Version 4.7

- Added a weekly view
- Add multiple shared folders with titles
- Fixed all known bugs
- Added date format dd/mm/yy
- Updated the pictures for all the holidays

Version 4.67

- Set the background color of any day
- The background color can be set for recurring occasions

Version 4.64

- File backup/restore dates corrected
- Recurring events to occur every 0 days are not allowed

Version 4.61

- Made numbers more visible in the system tray
- Correct import to exclude the quotes on entries
- Calendar icon was disappearing
- The display date format is changed depending on the time zone

Version 4.6

- Birthdays with years 100 and over are valid
- Improved the help available
- Added Zodiac signs
- Occasions use multiple lines if space allows
- Multiple Day Insertion plug-in updated to work with the new version
- Quick Start feature for the frequently changed features
- Added more default backgrounds
- Created a PDA Import/Export plug-in (
- Bug fix: Printer font size is closer to the display font size
- Bug fix: Recurring events for daily entries do not lose days
- Bug fix: Incorrect occasion sorting

Version 4.5

- All known bugs were fixed
- Added more flexible recurring events (i.e. Every 3 days, 2 weeks, etc...)
- You can be notified hours, minutes, or days in advance
- The calendar icon is never hidden

Version 4.15

- Bug fix: Notifications in advance were displayed twice after their original date
- Updated the uninstall process

Version 4.1

- Bug fix: Plug-ins were not showing under the Tools menu
- The weekends can be shaded with different colors
- Switch to different users from a menu option
- Print out the comments in the bottom-right

Version 4.0

- Ability to tab through calendar days and buttons
- Custom occasion type
- Allow jpeg/gif images for holidays
- Apply a background image the calendar
- To Do List tab
- Features/Fixes in previous beta versions
- Fixed Thanksgiving for years 2002+
- Removed the year on the add occasion window
- Updated dates and time controls
- Ability to make calendar days bold
- Added a default WAV file
- Plug-in that exports occasions to a CSV file
- Include the year on the calendar printout
- Edit common holiday entries
- Modified Client/Server (shared folder) capabilities
- Reorganized some screens
- Additional menus to quickly change the year
- Added anniversary type occasion
- Updated the help file
- Display the time for the occasion in the days

Version 3.53

Bug Fixes

- Martin Luther King Day is on the wrong day for the year 2001, 2007, etc...

- Monthly occasions are shown twice in January in the year 2001, 2007, etc...

Version 3.52

Bug Fixes

- "Error opening [databases]" occurred on certain systems. Corrected.

Version 3.51


- Makes assumptions when certain times are entered.

Bug Fixes

- The birthday ages are handled differently. For each year, the age they will become that year will be shown throughout the entire year.

- The program did not load on startup with Windows NT and Windows 2000. Corrected.

Version 3.5


- No unnecessary reads on the hard drive
- System tray icon changes colors when scanning for the next occasion
- Select a path for server occasions
- Works with WinNT
- Print out one month at a time
- Correct colors are shown in generated HTML files.
- In the summary view (quick view) of each day, place navigational buttons to move to other days
- Alter database location for added users
- Time span between two selected dates
- Custom occasions
- New languages added
- Updated interface
- Menu added to calendar
- Record birthdays with the age of the person
- Plug-in capability
- Windows use system colors
- Sizable calendar window
- Separated monthly comments for each year
- Search capability
- Marker for the current month
- Change the year when the calendar is in normal view
- Print calendar window
- Run scheduled programs
- Snooze a selected number of hours as well as minutes.
- View server occasions in color
- Access denied errors corrected
- Shade the weekends a different color
- Display the age with messages for birthdays
- Easter holiday

Version 3.42


Swedish months and days.


- Notifications in advance are displayed at the beginning of the day.

Bug Fixes

- Update bug.
- The first of the month notifications display.

Version 3.4


Most of the dialog selections are persistant.
Print calendar occasions.
Multiple user capability
The icon in the system tray displays the current day.
Added the ability to deactivate common holidays.
Display the week in a year.
Pending notifications are displayed.
Rolling month display.
Extended monthly options. (Ex: Occur on 1st Saturday of every month.)
Norwegian months and days.


"Today" menu-item is removed when there are no occasions.
The scroll feature on a maximized day is no longer "cheesy".

Bug fixes

Monthly notifications that contain a time are displayed.
Corrected uninstall errors.
Correct number of days in advance are displayed.
The program selected for HTML documents is used.
Correct all other known bugs.

Version 3.2


Added the ability to maximize one day. (See Screen Shots)


In the notification dialog, "Other" occasions do not display "Birthday".
Corrected a bug that occurs when changing the occasion type.
The text boxes in the settings menu are no longer read-only.

Version 3.12


Provided an example of "Display occasion prefix" in the settings window.


The calendar refreshes when minimizing and maximizing.
The calendar refreshes when a weekly occasion is removed.
Corrected weekly display bug.

Version 3.11


The program now runs on Windows NT.


Corrected the labor day bug.
Altered the HTML output and code format. Occasions are placed in tables.
Recurring monthly occasions are not inserted into December when outputting occasions.
The program does not crash when viewing recurring monthly occasions from previous versions.

Version 3.01


Corrected the problems with the display on resolutions higher than 800x600.
Return characters (\n,\r) are removed when outputting occasions.

Version 3.0


Common holidays appear on the calendar.
The ability to add new holidays.
Any font type can be selected.
Occasions can occur every year or weekly.
The calendar can appear at a certain time every day.
Output occasions to a text file or an HTML file.
Display months and days in other languages.
Maximize the calendar to fit the entire screen.
Tools tips are displayed for messages that do not fit in the calendar days.
24-hour time enabled.
Notifies in advance when an occasion will occur.
Integrate other programs commonly used. (To-do list, address book, diary, etc ...)
Recurring occasions can be display on every month of the calendar.


Corrected bugs that occur when invalid characters are entered in edit boxes.
No flicker when adding occasions or removing occasions.
The program updates itself more often.
Correctly inserts the directory path of the program into Internet Explorer 4.0+.
Touched up the interface.
The notification dialog contains a remove option.
The last occasion type added is remembered.
Displays the total number of messages in the top left corner of the day.
Corrected all known bugs.

Version 2.31


A suspend option has been added to the calendar menu.


The notification dialog is only displayed on occasions with the current year.
Removed 30 second flicker.

Version 2.2


The calendar dialog has been made small enough to see the buttons over the taskbar.
The space between the days is set to the same color as the calendar dialog.
The calendar is displayed correctly on a monitor with 1152x864 resolution or higher.

Version 2.01


The selected sound stops playing when the notification dialog is closed.
The system tray tip cannot override memory.

Version 2.0


Automatically loads when Windows begins.
The ability to change occasion colors.
Remove all occasions in a month at once.
Highlight or outline the current day.
Select the day the week begins on.
Display occasion messages inside calendar tile.
Customize tool tip for system tray.
Can be used in Internet Explorer 4.0 under Profile information.
Help files.


The notification dialog appears before a sound is played.
Changed the view occasion static box to a text box.
Corrected all known bugs.

Version 1.0

Alert Feature
Calendar Occasions
Can display the occasions on the calendar and be notified of occurrence
Displays the calendar when the program opens.
The program is loaded in the system tray.
Loads the current month on startup.
Allows recurring events.
Displays a dialog when an occasion occurs.
Plays a sound when the occasion occurs.
Continues to play a sound after the notification dialog is open every x minutes.


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